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Our charging stations are a great solution for every venue that whishes to provide the best possible service to its customers. Charging with a Wecharged powerbank means flexibility, charge up as long as you want and where you want!


  • Till 2017, there are more than 2 billions smart phone users in the global market…
  • Continuously demand for power, hard to find power house outdoor, power bank is too heavy to carry…
  • The most advertising media are Television, PC, smart phones, magazines and outdoor media.
  • Information age, Big Data is the key to help an enterprise to occupy the market.
  • The data shows that up to 75% internet usage generates from mobile terminals

  • WOW CHARGER TEAM is a research and development company located in Shenzhen,China.Our philosophy is to let our power banks everywhere, users can freely borrow and return the power bank, to provide convenient charging services for everyone.
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